Growing insurance and reimbursement trends have created a “Perfect Storm” in the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) industry. Reimbursement cuts and increasing cost of goods have made the industry less conducive to long term success for many DME providers.

    Rain8 was created to help medical equipment companies not only survive but thrive. Rain8 was formed as a medical equipment distributor that understands their customer because we are one! By bypassing the middlemen and circumventing the near-monopolies of large manufacturers, we aim to bring the best possible value to medical equipment providers.

    Our mission is to provide medical equipment products of the highest quality at costs that create opportunities for business growth and prosperity for our dealers.


    Rain8's CEO has been a DME provider for 20 years. Recently he turned his attention to trying to solve the most common problem faced by DME dealers, namely, high cost of goods.

    ​Rain8 has assembled an executive team having over 80 years of experience in building national and international partnerships resulting in highly productive collaborations. Rain8’s executive team hail from backgrounds including science, engineering, international relations and international logistics.

    Rain8’s executive team has carefully scanned the globe for partners willing to join and support our mission. Our first products are CPAP consumables. For CPAP products our goals include premium product, value price, higher profit for our dealers, and higher client compliance for higher refill rates.

    We believe our products meet and exceed these goals!  

    The Rain8 Advantage

    Competitors offer many small “bells and whistles” in their service offerings in an effort to seduce their dealers into thinking that their exorbitant costs are somehow justified.

    Smart DME's see this ruse for what it is. 

    In order to reduce costs and streamline the supply chain for our dealers, Rain8 offers a largely Business-to-Business online model. Rain8 products are offered in 90-Day Supply Bundles allowing dealers to fulfill the maximum allowed quarterly amount of reimbursable product within each client quarterly interaction.​

    Rain8’s 90-Day Supply Bundles are offered in convenient Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) packs in multiples of 10 Bundle Packs. Larger MOQ packs are offered at even higher savings and allow dealers to mix and match sizes in multiples of 10.

    90-Day Supply Bundle Packs will serve most of your needs. To solve the occasional inventory imbalance, we also offer kits and cushions in MOQ10 packs.