30 Day Mask Guarantee Program

30 Day Mask Guarantee Program

Mask fitment scanning software or fitting templates must be utilized for a mask to be covered under the 30-Day Mask Guarantee Program.  Mask sold via e-commerce are only eligible if the customer was fitted with a mask fitment scanning software.

Mask that are not correctly sized to the customer or clinically matched to the customer's needs will not be covered under this program.  Examples of items not covered: The customer was given nasal pillows but instead needed a full face mask.  The customer was given a medium mask but needed a small.   

Mask will only be covered if there is a defect or the mask the customer is swapped to is the same type of mask but by a different manufacturer.

Request replacements must be submitted online.  Log into your account at www.rain8sourcing.com. The 30 DMS FORM link is at the top of the page after login. 

Submissions will be reviewed, and if approved, a coupon will be issued for the value of the replacement mask to be used on your next order placement.

Coupons are only issued once per month.

Mask replacements cannot exceed 5% of total orders in each calendar quarter.

Rain8 reserves the right to cancel or modify this program without notice.